Hi, I’m Didier Kay

Since I was a child, I have had passion of taking every moments as precious as possible through photos and videos that tells a story happening in my life.

I studied film, Tv, Radio and animation at University Of Southern Queensland (USQ) and I have been photographing weddings professionally since 2018. Why weddings? Am thrilled to have a job that allows me to explore my creativity while documenting significant moments in my clients’ lives.

At every wedding or functions I do learn something new about love and life. It is wonderful to witness the love, emotions and growing relationships of my clients, and be grateful every time to have such a fulfilling job.

My primary focus is in the beauty and raw emotion found in each moment, such as love in the romance of a wedding and the delight and innocence of the kids. I put my hear in my work and I believe that it shows in my product.